In the hiring process certain mistakes can occur which are not uncommon! Managing the hiring process to find the best candidates and future employees for the company is complex and challenging! If we look at the numbers related to this process, anything approaching 10% of this figure is the result of poor hiring decisions. To put it bluntly, this staffing figure can reflect the huge amount of wasted time and money.

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Where possible, we’d better avoid some key mistakes in the hiring process! In the following article, we present to you the most common mistakes to avoid in the hiring process, to ensure that the vacancy is filled with the right candidate!

Misunderstanding the recruitment market

As we discussed in previous articles, the labor market has become very dynamic and in constant change and adaptation. Moreover, many of the potential candidates lack the necessary qualifications for the job. This lack of qualifications creates a false impression that there is strong competition. Misunderstanding the recruitment market can be considered one of the mistakes to avoid in the hiring process!

Top candidates set high expectations, which means that the company, in turn, must know how to “sell itself”.

Remember – if top candidates don’t see the benefits, they will immediately look elsewhere!

So consider:

  • salary package and benefits offered
  • the benefits offered should be thought of in such a way that they are quite motivational
  • company culture and job description must be pretty well put together. They must be understood by those in charge of recruitment! Let’s not forget that they will be presented at every stage of the hiring process!

How to write an effective job advertisement

The hiring process is taking too long

One factor to consider in the recruitment and hiring process is time. We have to keep in mind that sometimes we have to hurry to have that candidate we want. The key factor is keeping this candidate shortlisted!

If you are coordinating the hiring process, make sure early that the people involved can:

  • participate in the entire recruitment process
  • provide feedback
  • make the final decision

The faster salaries and benefits offer is presented and accepted by the desired candidate, the more optimal the recruitment cost becomes.

How to find an employee on

Misunderstanding the job requirements

Another mistake to avoid in the hiring process is misunderstanding the job requirements. If the requirements of the position you want to fill are not fully understood from the beginning, it puts your entire hiring process at risk.

As I said in the previous paragraph, those who deal with this process must also consider:

  • why the company is recruiting in that role
  • what value does that role have within the company
  • what skills and experiences the new employee must have
  • the person fits the position and to whom you will report

After establishing these aspects, a job description should be drawn up! From this sheet you can use those defining elements for the company, at the moment the open job post is published!

Hiring process – a daunting experience?

If you’ve never done it before, the hiring process can be a daunting experience. Why? There are a multitude of things to keep in mind such as:

  • asking the right questions to find out if the candidate is right for the role
  • his fit with the team
  • integration into the organizational culture

Remember- you should know the laws governing the hiring process and the repercussions of illegal actions during it.

Ideally, everyone involved in the recruitment process should be knowledgeable about this. Thus, the correct hiring decisions will be made!

What else do you need to know about the hiring process?

The way you manage the entire hiring process will give you valuable insight into the company you will be joining.

From the first time the candidate sees the job ad to the first meeting with the candidate, the company must be presented in a professional and organized way!

Let’s not forget – the first impression counts! Yes, and here it matters quite a lot!

We’ve put together a list below that you’d better check off for a successful hiring process!

  • Who will be responsible for selecting candidates?
  • How will candidates be assessed?
  • Will the interviews be over the phone, face to face or online?
  • What questions will be asked at each stage of the hiring process?
  • What are the next steps after the interviews have been conducted?
  • At what point should you check a candidate’s references?
  • Who will make the final job offer, how and when?

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