Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of myself and my team, I would like to encourage, to support people who are currently fleeing from the war in Ukraine. On the portal, we have just launched a number of initiatives that respond to the current situation. is a job portal with a European coverage. More than 2 years ago, the Ukrainian language version was created and it quickly gained popularity among our eastern neighbors – not only as a source of job offers, but also as a comprehensive knowledge base on the legalization of stay in Poland or other EU countries.

I believe that by joint efforts, we are able to reach even more to Ukrainians who now need our help.

So by the end of March, we made it possible to add job offers for Ukrainians for free. It is enough to create a free employer’s account and when publishing the offer, mark the publication in the Ukrainian language version, and when finalizing the transaction, use the UKRAINA discount code, which will reduce the price to 0 PLN / EUR.

Publish to

Registration and job posting form available at this link:

At the moment, it is also crucial to provide accommodation for refugees – at this point, official sources say that over 600,000 people came to Poland within a week! Therefore, we have made available a special subpage where people willing to offer accommodation can post an advertisement for free:

Polish version:

Ukrainian version:

I encourage you to spread the above information and the following other useful links among your contacts:

Current job offers for Ukrainians can be found here:

The most important information on how to help Ukraine in Polish language: 

Information in Ukrainian language:

Let us show our Ukrainian countrymen our solidarity and support!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally or my team directly on:

[email protected] or tel. +48 538 895 544

Yours sincerely,

Radosław Gałka CEO & Founder

[email protected]