If you want to go to seasonal work without special qualifications or knowledge of a foreign language – we have suggestions for you that you cannot refuse! Maybe you will be interested in cleaning work abroad? Undoubtedly, it is a good way to earn money quickly for unskilled people who do not know the language. All you need is good physical condition and willingness to work! Check what cleaning work looks like and how much you can earn.

Cleaning work – what do you need to know?

Before we move on to earnings as a cleaner, let’s take a closer look at what cleaning work abroad looks like. Here’s everything that you need to know!

Cleaning work is most common temporary or seasonal work. This has to do mainly with the workplace. Hotels, tourist resorts, guesthouses and campsites open recruitment mainly in the summer season, when tourism increases. Then these objects need many hands to work, to ensure the best quality of services for guests who are not lacking during this time.

Of course, you can also look for a job in office buildings, or other public places such as shopping centers, stations or airports.

Sometimes there also appear private job offers for male and female cleaners. They mainly concern the provision of cleaning services for the family / home or apartment owner.

What does cleaning work abroad look like?

If we decide to leave for a job as a male or female cleaner, (in most cases) we can count on free accommodation and meals. This is a big advantage, because unnecessary stress related to finding a temporary accommodation goes away.

In addition, we can save on accommodation and food, and this way we save all of our payment. What the accommodation will look like, depends entirely on the employer and the facility, which he manages. Most often these are shared staff rooms or cottages. With a bit of luck, we can also find offers with accommodation in a single room.

More information about a job with provided accommodation, you can find in our previous article: Working abroad with accomodation – is it worth it?  

Due to the fact that the role of cleaners in tourist facilities is invaluable, employers are willing to hire more people at once. Therefore, it is easy to find job offers for couples and groups in this industry.

Another advantage of cleaning work abroad is that there are no major requirements for the candidate. On our europa.jobs portal there appear many job offers in this sector. Most of the employers who publish advertisements on our portal, do not include knowledge of a foreign language in the requirements. However, they always indicate that communicative English or other language will be an additional advantage and may have an impact on the decision to hire an employee. Sometimes there are offers that require experience in a similar position.

Attention! Let’s not forget that in cleaning work we deal with detergents and many chemical cleaning agents that can cause allergies and irritation.

Cleaning abroad – for whom?

Cleaning work can be a unique opportunity for quick earnings for people who want to go to work abroad for the first time. The easiest way to get to such offers is through temporary employment agencies and placement offices. Thanks to their services, the recruitment process is smooth and what’s more, we don’t have to worry about completing paperwork.

In the workplace, we most often come under the care of our country coordinator, who is always there to help. Cleaning abroad is a good choice for people who do not know a foreign language. It will not be an obstacle in neither entering a new environment, nor in mastering employee duties. However, we must remember that working as a cleaner involves a lot of physical effort. People with ailments and injuries, as well as those leading a sedentary lifestyle on a daily basis, may have a problem with carrying out cleaning works. It is hard physical work!

How much can be earned in cleaning? – Overview of job offers

On the europa.jobs portal you can find cleaning jobs using the filters of our search engine.

It is enough to select the following industries:

  • Cleaning / Cleaning services
  • Tourism / Hospitality / Gastronomy

The most common job names in this sector are:

  • Cleaning lady
  • Maid
  • Room service – male / female
  • Hotel staff

Check what earnings can a cleaning person count on, in individual countries:

CountryThe amount of the monthly salary
FranceEUR 1500-2000
NetherlandsEUR 1100-2200
GermanyEUR 1200-2000 
BelgiumEUR 1600-1800
AustriaEUR 1600-1800 
SwitzerlandEUR 2500-3000 
SwedenEUR 1600-1800
NorwayEUR 2800-3000

Are you looking for a cleaning job?

Where to look for a job?

You can easily and quickly find job offers for cleaning on europa.jobs,

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