A copywriter, as the definition implies, is the author of copywriting. Today the responsibility of the copywriter has expanded considerably. We describe the work in this profession and what income you can expect.


This profession is relatively new. It has become better known in recent years. It should be noted that a copywriter and a journalist are two different concepts. In fact, writing should be easy in both cases, but longer sentences and excellent metaphors dominate in journalistic articles. The rule in copywriter texts is: the less, the better.

What does a copywriter do?

As mentioned, the main job is to create promotional items. The term copywriter SEO occurs very often, it is a person who creates texts according to Google Analytics. This means that the text must be written in such a way that Google algorithms intercept it on the web (there are useful keywords for this). In the end, the text can be found on the user’s search list.

In addition, the tasks often include:

  • Create graphics for texts
  • Cooperation with the creative department
  • Script writing
  • Add product descriptions
  • Website optimization for SEO
  • Running a company blog
  • Word of mouth (comments on forums)
  • Mailing
  • Run a fansite

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Characteristics of a good copywriter

As you can see, it’s all about content marketing. You must have good writing skills. That is why it is often said that this profession is not for everyone. Knowledge of marketing and SEO is also required.

When we talk about the properties of a good copywriter, these are particularly important:

  • creativity
  • Knowledge of trends
  • simple expression
  • qualitative research skills
  • good with words

Where can a copywriter work?

Employment in advertising or SEO agencies and in PR agencies is most common. The demand for such jobs is also growing in large companies. Many copywriters work as freelancers. Then employers only pay for the number of characters in the text.

When we talk about education, there are no specific requirements here. Experience and portfolio play a key role. So if you dream of a job as a copywriter, we recommend that you create your own blog and write articles there regularly. It will always be an asset in the portfolio if the required experience is available.


The earnings can vary widely. It all depends on the experience, position, society and even the city. It is estimated that a copywriter can earn between PLN 1000 and 4000 net / month.

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