Last year on, there were published more than 2,000 job offers from Belgium. This country is becoming more and more popular among Europeans. So let’s find out when there are days off and public holidays in Belgium. You will find the answer in the article.

koszty życia w Belgii

Analyzing last year’s data from, you can see a several-fold increase in the number of  job offers from Belgium, which translated into the 3rd place in our ranking of countries with the highest number of published job offers in 2022.

Holidays in Belgium 2023

Belgium is a Catholic country, so most holidays coincide with other countries. Additionally, Belgians celebrate the holidays in individual communities. For example: 

  • July 11th – Flemish Community Day
  • September 27th – French Community Day
  • November 15th – German Community Day

Generally, these days are not statutory days off, but the final decision is on the side of the employer.

National Day of Belgium

The National Day of Belgium falls on July 21st, and it is undoubtedly the most important public holiday. On this day, over 180 years ago, King Leopold I Koburg began to rule the country. He was the first king of Belgium, which was already independent.

Apart from that, Belgium also celebrates November 11th, which is designated as the Armistice Day.

Days off in Belgium 2023

If a public holiday in Belgium falls on a weekend (Saturday / Sunday), the employee has the right to take this day off during the week, after prior agreement with the employer.

Below is a list of the days off in Belgium in 2023

January 1st (Sunday)New Year (Nieuwjaar)
April 18th (Monday)Easter Monday (Paas Maandag)
May 1st (Monday) Labour Day (Dag van de arbeid)
May 18th (Thursday)Ascension of the Virgin Mary (Pinkster Maandag)
May 29th (Monday)Pentecost (Pinksteren)
July 21st (Friday)National day of Belgium (Nationale feestdag)
August 15th (Tuesday) Assumption (Maria-Tenhemelopneming)
November 1st (Wednesday) All Saints’ Day (Allerheiligen)
November 11th (Saturday)Armistice Day (Wapenstilstandl)
December 25th (Monday)Christmas (Kerstmis)

When to go on vacation in Belgium?

Each employee thinks about how to plan the vacation in order to use as few vacation days as possible. We recommend combining your own vacation with holidays. For example:

  • Easter – April 14-19 (Friday-Tuesday)
  • Labor Day – April 28 – May 1 (Friday-Monday)
  • Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary – May 18-21 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Pentecost – May 26-29 (Friday-Monday)
  • Belgian National Day – July 20-23 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Assumption – August 11-15 (Friday-Tuesday)
  • All Saints – November 1-5 (Wednesday-Sunday)
  • Christmas – December 22-25 (Friday-Monday)

Are you thinking about going to Belgium?

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