How to hire polish workers in the UK? Poland joined the EU in 2004 and ever since Polish workers have become one of the EU’s most mobile workforces, with a peak surpassing 2.5 million migrants in 2017. Since 2006, the UK has been the favourite destination for Polish workers looking to emigrate to western Europe in search of jobs, higher wages and a better standard of living. Until now.

Any polish worker that is recruited from outside the UK for the Skilled Worker route needs to demonstrate that:

  • They have a job offer from a Home Office licensed sponsor
  • They speak English at the required level
  • The job offer is at the required skill level of RQF3 or above (equivalent to A level)
  • They’ll be paid at least £25,600 or the ‘going rate’ for the job offer, whichever is higher. If the job will pay less than this,but no less than £20,480 – the applicant may still be able to apply by ‘trading’ points on specific characteristics against their salary.                                                                                 

There are 7 things employers need to do when hiring Polish staff for the first time.

  1. Decide how much to pay a polish staff: You must pay your employee at least the National Minimum Wage. The minimum wage a worker should get depends on their age. The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour almost all workers are entitled to. The National Living Wage is higher than the National Minimum Wage.                                                                                                    Workers get it if they’re over 23. It does not matter how small an employer is, they still have to pay the correct minimum wage. 
  2. Check if a Polish citizen has the legal right to work in the UK: You may have to do other employment checks as well, like which type of document gives a polish the right to work in the UK, and what a right to work check involves for each of them.
  3. Checks if a Polish citizen need to apply for a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check) if you work in a field that deals with vulnerable people or security.

Employers can check the criminal record of someone applying for a role. This is known as getting a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Hiring a polish, employers can request the following documents to check the criminal record.

  • A basic check, which shows unspent convictions and conditional cautions
  • A standard check, which shows spent and unspent convictions and cautions
  • An enhanced check, which shows the same as a standard check plus any information held by local police that’s considered relevant to the role
  • An enhanced check with barred lists, which shows the same as an enhanced check plus whether the applicant is on the list of people barred from doing the role
  1. Get employment insurance: You need employers’ liability insurance as soon  as you become an employer.You must get Employers’ Liability (EL) insurance  Employers policy must cover for a polish for at least £5 million and come from an authorised insurer.                                                                                                       
  2. Send details of the job (including terms and conditions) in writing to your employee. 
  3. When hiring a polish person in the Uk, You need to give your employee a written statement of employment if you’re employing someone for more than 1 month. An employer must give employees and workers a document stating the main conditions of employment when they start work. This is known as a ‘written statement of employment particulars’. It is not an employment contract*.
  4. Check if you need to automatically enrol your Polish staff into a workplace pension scheme. Employers have to provide a workplace pension scheme for eligible staff as soon as your first member of staff starts working for you (known as your ‘duties start date’).            

* The written statement is made up of:

  • The main document (known as a ‘principal statement’)
  • Wider written statement

The employer must provide the principal statement on the first day of employment and the wider written statement within 2 months of the start of employment. Employers must tell employees or workers about any changes to the written statement. They must do this within one month of making the change. Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by registering as an employer – you can do this up to 4 weeks before you pay your new staff.  

   Who you must enrol?

You must enrol and make an employer’s contribution for all polish who:

  • Are aged between 22 and the State Pension age
  • Earn at least £10,000 a year
  • Normally work in the UK (this includes people who are based in the UK but travel abroad for work) If the polish staff become eligible because of a change in their age or earnings, you must put them into your pension scheme and write to them within 6 weeks of the day they meet the criteria.

Polish employment agencies

Getting into companies isn’t as simple as it might have been previously in the past . Even the people with the highest qualifications face few problems getting a job.Furthermore, when we talk about an ideal job, at that point it seems like an endless battle. Many recruitment agencies are available on the internet, but some people are unable to find them.   

Here we have provided the list of Polish Recruitment Agencies. We hope this list will help you in your search for the right one from these Polish recruitment agencies. 

Best Polish employment Agencies

  • DotLinkers
  • GoodMan
  • Adams Multilingual Recruitment
  • Akcja Job
  • Headcount Solutions Ltd
  • Alpharec
  • CFW Recruitment Specialists
  • IRKL Recruitment
  • Allen Recruitment Consulting
  • Pollux
  • Recruitment Agency Poland EWG
  • jobpolEmployment Agency
  • Polski hr international
  • Collabera Poland
  • Eurasia Placements
  • Spring Professional
  • Poland workforce
  • Manpower Poland
  • cpl
  • Jobman Group
  • Wielkopolska Agencja Pracy
  • GlobalForce
  • Guidi Consulting
  • Chilli Traders
  • Mercuri Urval
  • Cosmoworker Polska
  • Antal
  • ProworkS Recruitment
  • Energy Element
  • SmartWays
  • Job Plus
  • IPF Group
  • Talenger
  • ITCraftship
  • Talent Place
  • Next Technology Professionals
  • Trenkwalder

We also have a Temporary employment agency POLAND WORKFORCE which conducts the recruitment process, employment, payroll processing and all other administrative tasks to ensure our customers have access to a ready-to-work employee, all in accord with applicable European law.

Polish Workers Recruitment Agency is the top foreign workers recruitment agency in Poland,  specialising in recruitment of Polish workers. “We are not an employment agency, we place workers directly into foreign employers. We supply long-term and seasonal workers.

They recruit starting from job translation and present it to candidates already registered in their date-base. At the same time they activate a nationwide advertising campaign focused on the type of workers you need. Your job is being uploaded into our Polish Workers website, automatically advertised into the most popular Polish job websites and published in nationwide media in Poland.

Jobs for Polish workers in the UK

In London and various other major cities, Poles are employed across virtually all sectors from care work, construction, hospitality sector to education, NHS, banking and financial services. There is a significant group of people involved in the arts, in writing, journalism and photography. 

In rural areas of low-population density, such as East Anglia and the East Midlands; Polish workers tend to be employed in agriculture and light industry.

The Polish social and cultural association in hammersmith which houses a number of organisations, an exhibition space, a theatre and several restaurants, is a popular venue.

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