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You’ve come to the right place! On europa.jobs you will find thousands of ads from various European countries! Just go to our search engine and use the filters to look for the best offer for you. You can easily find a job for couples, without a language, with no experience or for professionals. All available job offers can be found here: pl.europa.jobs/oferty-pracy/

Remember that europa.jobs is only a website and does not deal with brokering or employing people to work. All offers visible on our website are posted by various employment agencies and employers, so if you want to ask for details, it is best to contact the company that placed the advertisement you are interested in.

To make the whole recruitment process and using our portal easier for you, we have decided to collect questions that you frequently ask us and to answer them. After responding to many of your e-mails, phone calls and Facebook messages, we think that we already know which topics are causing you trouble! So don’t be stressed that you don’t know something about working abroad and read our FAQ – hopefully you will find answers to your questions here!

1. Why I don’t have access to the account?

After registering on our portal, you have to activate your account. We send the activation link to the e-mail address provided by you. Please check if the message from us went to the SPAM folder. If you can’t find the activation message, please write to us: [email protected].

If you have forgotten your account password, just click “I don’t remember the password” when logging in – the reset link will come to your email address. In case of any problems, please write to us: [email protected].

2. How can I delete my account

If you want to delete your account, please write to us at: [email protected]

3. Why there’s no response to my uploaded applications?

Unfortunately, as an advertising portal, we have no influence on who and when employers contact. Usually recruiters needs several days to read all the applications. We encourage you to apply for more offers to increase your chance of finding a job!

4. Will you find me a job?

At the moment europa.jobs is only an advertisement portal. We are a service that enables you – future employees – to search for jobs by country, industry or required experience. All you need to do is use our search engine and choose the job offers that interest you! Yes, it’s that simple! 🙂

5. Is it possible that an agent / work agency want money from me?

According to the law, job brokering is free. However, if you are arranging a job abroad with a foreign employer, the agency may demand some costs. The broker has the right to expect a refund of fees incurred for:

  • medical examination
  • issuing a visa
  • document translations, etc.

Other fees and expenses related to referring employee to work abroad shall be borne by the agency. For the very process of finding a job they cannot charge any money – remember that!

6. How to prepare a CV?

A curriculum vitae prepared for work abroad should contain as much information as possible about the skills and duties performed in previous positions. You should remember about all the important work you have undertaken and which may be attractive to your future employer. In addition, it is worth paying attention to stylistic and spelling correctness in the CV. This document is your business card!

7. What to do if the employer does not fulfill the contract?

First, inform the employer about the inconvenience and demand a solution to the problem. This declaration must be made in writing (for your security), because only this way you will have the proof of your actions in the event that the case will be continued by subsequent legal institutions. If this does not work or you don’t even have contact with the employer, it is worth contacting the appropriate institution:

  • Germany – German Trade Union Association (DGB)
  • France – Association PARABOLE | Work inspection
  • Netherlands – CoMensha | Work inspection
  • United Kingdom – ACAS
  • Belgium – SPF Emploi
  • Norway – Arbeidstilsynet
  • Poland – National Labor Inspectorate

8. I’ve sent an application but there’s no answer. What to do?

Unfortunately, recruiters do not always respond to all applications received. They also often forget to inform other candidates about the end of recruitment process. To avoid waiting for the phone indefinitely, it’s worth reaching for it yourself! We encourage you to contact employers who will certainly find a moment to give you specific answers during such call. It’s good to show that you are actively looking for employment and that you care about work!

9. Is there work for couples / for carpenters / in Germany?

There is! We spent many hours trying to create the most transparent and intuitive search engine, so we hope that looking for a job will no longer be a problem for you. Now you have the option of selecting several filters at once! You can simultaneously choose the option “without language required”, country and the keyword. e.g. “warehouse”. Then it remains to choose among exactly matched ads!

If you are looking for a job for couples or in a larger group of friends, we recommend applying together for a given offer and then contacting the employer who placed the advertisement. Then you will have the possibility to ask about the option of a joint trip and the employer won’t have to guess whether you are the right employees for a given position, because he will have your CV in front of him. Most often, you’ll find work for groups in the manufacturing industry, in warehouse work or in gardening.

10. What’s the best location for working abroad?

There is no one good answer to this question. Each of you should think about what is most important to you – salary, distance from home, knowledge of the language or maybe social benefits. You should consider your future workplace only according to criteria important to you.

Do you already know the answers to all your questions?