We know that many of you are spending Christmas abroad, away from the family. In this Christmas time, homesickness intensifies even more. Nothing can replace a real meeting, but being away from loved ones doesn’t mean you can’t see them! In today’s article, we will introduce you to some useful applications and programs that will enable you to spend Christmas with your family – even through the screen of your phone or computer. All that we need is access to the Internet – check how to connect with loved ones for Christmas!

Jak połączyć się z bliskimi na Święta

Messenger – How to connect with loved ones for Christmas?

Almost every Facebook user uses this app. The main function of Messenger is to exchange text messages, but there is also the possibility of video calls! How to connect with loved ones for Christmas? Just enter the Messenger application on your computer, smartphone or tablet, then search for a conversation with the person you want to connect with, and press the camera icon on the upper right corner – “start video chat”.

More people can participate in such a video call, but to achieve this, you must first create a group chat and only then start chatting. Remember, in order to use Messenger, you don’t need a Facebook account!

How is Christmas celebrated abroad?


Skype is one of the first communicators on the market that allows video calls. It still remains the most popular of them, which in this case, can cause some connection problems during the Christmas time. However, it is worth trying, because Skype is known to almost everyone, and its use is very simple.

You don’t even need to have the application already installed, you can log in to your account via a web browser: Skype.com. Skype also allows group video calls, detailed instructions on how to make such a call can be found here

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great solution for people who have their own Google accounts. This app can be used on both Android phones and iPhones. If you’re using a computer, you don’t need to install anything, just log in with your Gmail account on this website.

WhatsApp – How to connect with loved ones for Christmas?

A very popular communicator in Western countries. WhatsApp creates an account based on the phone number, and automatically downloads our contacts. With the Internet access, you can write and call to anyone who has this application on their phone completely for free.

So it’s the perfect app for people who are abroad and do not want to pay for calls. WhatsApp also allows video conversation – just like in Messenger, just click on the camera icon on the upper right corner. 

We have presented you only a few of the most popular options to connect with loved ones for Christmas, there are certainly many other applications on the market with similar functions. Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the Internet, so the possibility of seeing loved ones through the screen of a phone or smartphone, will certainly ease the longing for loved ones at least a little bit during this exceptionally special Christmas time for all of us!

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