Moving to Spain is like needing to find an accommodation. The price for renting a room, an apartment or a house may vary depending on the region. Without a doubt, the so-called ‘pisos’ are the most popular type of apartments for rent. Find out how to rent an apartment in Spain and what kind of documents you will need.

închiriezi în Spania

How to rent an apartment in Spain? – Basic information

Before you sign a lease with your landlord, find out how the whole process should go. Here below we have collected for you the most important information about renting apartments in Spain:

  • A rental contract in Spain should be concluded for a period of at least six months. The landlord may also propose to sign a contract for a period of 12 months to secure a permanent tenant.
  • The tenant is obliged to pay the so-called ‘fianza’ (deposit), in the amount of one or two months’ rent. When the contract ends, the owner of the apartment will return the deposit.
  • Financial background is the main condition when renting an apartment in Spain. The tenant must show that he is solvent and receives at least the minimum wage every month.
  • An important requirement is also to open an account in a Spanish bank, to be able to freely transfer the rent and other payments to the landlord’s account.

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What kind of documents do you need?

To rent an apartment in Spain as a foreigner, you need the following documents:

Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NO)Employment contract / certificate from the university
Positive references

The Foreigner’s Identification Number is a personal and non-transferable number assigned by the Office for Foreigners. It appears on all documents assigned to the immigrant. It is required for all kinds of formalities or official activities.
When renting an apartment, you will need an employment contract with a confirmation of receiving the previous month’s salary. In the case of a student, it will be necessary to present a certificate from the university confirming that the given person is studying and has sufficient funds to pay the rent.

The landlord may require a document that specifies that the person interested in renting, as a model tenant. For example, a certificate of reliability issued by the FMI (Fichero de Inquilinos Morosos).

Where can you find the cheapest apartment in Spain?

Most foreigners settle in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona. Apartments in the center of huge agglomerations are not the cheapest. A medium-sized apartment for rent in Barcelona (60-90 m²) costs between EUR 850 and 1000 per month. In Madrid, the price rises to EUR 1200-2000 per month.

Therefore, it is worth looking for alternatives!

Here is a list of prices for monthly rent of an apartment in other smaller Spanish cities:

CityMonthly rental price
BilbaoEUR 850-900
ValenciaEUR 600-800
MálagaEUR 600-750
MurciaEUR 500-700
Ourense (capital of the cheapest province in Spain)EUR 315-475

Apartments in Spain – where to look for them?

Check the websites below:

And although it is best to look for an apartment when you are already at the place, it is worth reviewing the offers much earlier. You can do this through portals and search engines, or Facebook groups. And if you have friends who live in Spain – be sure to contact them! Perhaps they know someone who would like to sublet an apartment.

Types of apartments and houses for rent in Spain

  1. Casa (detached house)
  1. Chalet (semi-detached house)
  1. Pisos (standard two- or three-room apartments)
  1. Estudio (studio apartment)
  1. Apartamento (one bedroom apartment, separated from other rooms)

If you are moving to Spain with your whole family, look around for a house to rent or a multi-bedroom apartment. However, for students or lonely people, we recommend looking for advertisements for renting an ‘estudio’ or ‘apartamento’. However, it all depends on your preferences and budget.

Are you planning an economic trip to Spain?

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