Going to work abroad is associated with a longer stay in the destination country. Therefore, it is necessary to find a place for the time of economic migration. Most employment agencies ensure that the incoming employees from abroad are provided with accommodation. In this article, we will tell whether it is worth looking for job offers with accommodation.

The europa.jobs portal offers filters that enable you to search for job offers tailored to your preferences. Thanks to them, you can easily search a job with:

In this article, we will look at job offers with accommodation. An employer who publishes an advertisement on europa.jobs can indicate whether or not he provides accommodation for the employee.

He also provides information on whether it is paid. In the text of the advertisement, he usually describes how the accommodation he offers looks like.

Unfortunately, we can rarely find an exact description of the employee’s apartment.

Information about accommodation in the job advertisement

What do employers, who publish offers on europa.jobs say about accommodation? Most of the companies offers free accomodation. But, of course, not all of them. Check the table below:

Workplace Description of the accommodation
Service technician of machines and devices Apartment next to the workplace – single room, shared kitchen and bathroom,full equipment: washing machine, fridge, with Wi-Fi connection, TV – payable (EUR 350/month – single room)
Waiter / waitress Accommodation provided (in a shared room with other one) and meals (meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner – free/day). This accommodation it is near the hotel.
Machine operatorThe cost of the accommodation is €85.00 per week the first payment after working the first month. 
Manual worker Rooms are close to the company and the costs is around- 12 eur / day aprox. EUR 360 / month, always payable at the end of the month. 
Bricklayer Free on-site accommodation, single rooms fully equipped: washing machine, fridge, internet, TV.
Nurse For the first 6 months, maximum 4 people in 4-room apartments – free accommodation. Other companies offers approximately €500,- for rent (free to change according to your own preferences after 1 year) and €450,- relocation support
Guardian / carer of an elderly person Zero maintenance cost – you are assured of free accommodation (private room in the resident’s / ward’s home), food, utilities (including internet).
Production worker Attractive and cheap accommodation – EUR 10 – 12 / day. Comfortable accommodation in 2-3 person rooms close to working place

Information about accommodation appears in a nutshell, if at all. How to get more information? The best solution is to apply for an offer and enquire about an employee accommodation during a telephone conversation with the employer / recruiter.

Work abroad with accommodation – costs

Free accommodation is most often offered to hotel staff as the hotel owner has such facilities. Also, people going abroad as a guardian / carer of an elderly person or a child do not have to worry about the costs of accommodation or meals.

In the case of paid accommodation, the price varies depending on the standard and equipment. The above-mentioned descriptions show that the prices of accommodation are in the range of EUR 130-350/month. You can also find accommodation, which will be free in the first months of work. Only after, for example, 4 months, the employer will start collecting fees.

Internet access is usually already included in the monthly rent.

Remember! Accommodation prices will vary depending on the country, salary, location, standard, type of accommodation. For each employer, the issue of accommodation may be different. One provides single rooms, the other provides dormitories in cabins or special workers’ apartments. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use the accommodation provided or you want to look for something on your own.

Contractor accommodation in UK

Advantages of job offers with accommodation

When deciding on an agency apartment, a lot of unnecessary stress goes away. First of all, you are not stressed that you will not find a flat when you start working abroad. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about electricity, gas and water bills as you pay a fixed amount to the broker.

In addition, it is in the interest of the employer to equip the employee’s accommodation and ensure the comfort of the employee’s life. He often provides the so-called starter package for a newly arrived employee, i.e. a pillow, duvet, pillowcases, etc. These are essential items that take up a lot of space in your luggage. Thanks to this, you will gain more space in the suitcase.The agency provides accommodation which is usually very close to the place of work. You don’t waste time commuting. If the staff flats are located a little further from the workplace, the agency provides free local transport. These can be organized trips by car or bus, but also providing a means of transport, e.g. a car or a bicycle.

Disadvantages of job offers with accommodation

You never know what you will find there. Photos of employee apartments may not reflect reality. Only your arrival will verify that the standard agrees with what the agency promised. The apartment may be neglected, poorly equipped or located in an uninteresting neighborhood.

Another drawback may be the roommates. If you have decided to live in a dormitory room, remember that you will not always find the right people with whom you will establish friendships.

Living with a stranger is always a great unknown. If privacy is important to you – consider a job offer with accommodation in single rooms.

The chance of meeting with people who make noise, party or mess is huge. And with hard physical work, sleep and rest are extremely important. Consider whether you are able to withstand such conditions for the duration of the vacancy.

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