Consistency and communication is the hallmark of a successful Kenyan candidate seeking to work in France. Make hay while the sun shines. Let’s take a tour on all types of jobs in France for Kenyans. The aim as a kenyan is to be successful with a content rewarding job in France.  In other news, get a career as a kenyan in France, grow steadily with room for both your professional ambitions and family ambitions in an environment where everyone knows the value of  a healthy work balance.

Nauka języka francuskiego

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10 best jobs in France for Kenyans

These are the 10 best jobs to do in France as a Kenyan when your French language skills still need some perfection or when you don’t speak French at all.

It might surprise you on how many jobs are being published for english natives in France for Kenyas.

Let’s explore some options below

1. Freelanlance writing/editing

In France, it is relatively easy to become an auto-entrepreneur and there are a lot of companies that can hire you to edit or write for them so they can share their content with the rest of the world.

As a Kenyan, in some cases, no writing experience is needed. However, this job in France requires excellent skills in English language.

2. Housekeeping

Mostly, during the summer, English speaking families like to have help in the house or on their yacht .

This is a regular type of employment for a Kenyan seeking to work in France.

3. Translator

Pretty obvious one is becoming a translator. To do this job in France, you need to have some knowledge of French, but don’t have to be fluent.

With a little help from translation systems and fluency in English you will be fine. There are companies that offer translation jobs, but you can also choose to work as a freelance translator. 

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4. English teacher

 This job in France for Kenyans is very popular.

Why? Because there are a lot of places to teach English like for instance, in universities, companies, and also private places.

5. Tour guide

Ideal job for Kenyans in France who have passion in leading a group and are good speakers.

In this case, one could work in a certified agency or improvise your own knowledge and start working as an independent tour guide.

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6. Babysitter

one of the most popular jobs in France for Kenyans. You don’t necessarily need French language skills for.

Some families are looking for full English-speaking babysitters, but others like to mix it up and exchange language knowledge by hiring a bilingual nanny.

This can actually help both you and the kids to learn each other’s language.

Babysitting is also a pretty flexible job, which makes it possible to do it on the side next to studies or another job you might have.

7. Estate agent

Another job in France for a Kenyan who might be interested in operating for English speaking agents. Normally, they have this offer besides English and french.

8. Companies recruiting English profiles

Lots of  English job offers for Kenyans in any sector: communication, marketing, administration, trade, banking, IT, tourism.

9 Ski instructor

Common but especially for young and adventurous people, just be aware of the fact that it is a seasonal job!

10. Health care jobs

High end job in France for Kenyans. Just keep in mind you must be registered at a regional health agency, also known as Agence Regional de Santé (ARS).