The dream of all Kenyans in France is to experience something new, different and exciting in life that is ahead and at the same time to learn and educate him/herself in the best way possible. It’s one in a lifetime opportunity to experience something different and enjoy every minute of it. 

Lets venture and stay up to date with Kenyan community in France, how they live and grow their careers.

All these information about the community of Kenyans in France and the statistics can be found on

Kenyans in France


To promote our Kenyan cultural diversity,unity,cohesion and ensure that Kenyans in France access quality services and develop opportunities in investments,professional and work placements.


To unite and empower Kenyan community in France in the spirit of (Umoja ni nguvu) meaning a united community.

There’s a growing Kenyan community in France where Kenyans organise themselves in interest groups ranging from sports clubs, business clubs and cultural associations. 

Lets learn more about the Kenyan community in France under an association regarded as Kifua-Kenyans in France umbrella association.

Who are they?

The Kenya France umbrella association, is an association based in Paris that identifies synergies between organisations and business communities. 

 It facilitates partnerships in economic, cultural,and social development projects.                                                                                                                                            

The Kenyans in France umbrella association leverages more on the power of a strong network to promote business relations between Kenya and France.

We also have some special day celebrations for the community of Kenyans in France where they meet to celebrate national events. The aim is to bring together all or as many Kenyans as possible.

 Let’s find out more about the Kenyan community in France on


Most Kenyans in France are more than willing to work together and we believe if we can rise over our differences and accept our diversity, we shall discover just how rich a society and force we are.

Where most Kenyans live in France?

We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment for whichever city any Kenyan would settle in France.

We’re focused on treating every Kenyan with respect, healthy debates and kindness.

Most Kenyans seem to be living in Lyon.

If you want to explore France and its culture, meet French people and learn their beautiful language, or have a cool city break with plenty of sightseeing, there is no better place to visit than Lyon. Most Kenyans don’t regret living in Lyon over the capital city Paris .

Why am I so sure about this? There are plenty of reasons but here are my top 4 reasons why I think Lyon is better than Paris for most Kenyans living there.

When most people think of France, they immediately think of Paris, but that’s not the only city that should be on international citizens’ radars.

Here are some of the reasons I think Lyon is better than Paris for most Kenyans living there.

 Lyon feels like a small town, while still having all of the benefits of a big city.

  1. It’s cheap to live in for kenyans

 it’s not a popular tourist spot (compared to Paris and other cities in the area), so it’s an excellent place to live if you want to feel like a local. It boasts a warm and sunny climate and offers a slower pace of life than many other French cities.

      2. Lyon has friendly French people 

          Whoever Kenyan that  visits lyon is very welcomed by Lyonnaise People, who 

         are very  helpful and talkative

         However Paris is diverse and is full of international people and English is        

         widely spoken. Nonetheless, Paris has equally the same benefit too.

      3.Decent transport connections to and from Lyon,and relatively low budget.     

      4. Lyon is a city of contrasts: old and new

           Lyon is beautiful and unique in its own ways so as Paris. 

 Opinions will differ on which is the best city in France. However, the important      thing to note is that France has something to offer everyone as a Kenyan in any city an opportunity rises.

Statistics of Kenyans living in France

As of 2020, over 30,000 Kenyans were estimated to be living in France. The majority in Lyon city then Paris.The number of those emigrating from Kenya to France has doubled as times goes by.

France has also  proven  investment in the Kenyan youth more so because they are the future here in Kenya and also in France.

France’s focus is to bring more Kenyans to France, to promote the relations between France and Kenya in the various fields, particularly those that touch lives.

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