The new reality in which we have all been for over two months already makes us get used to new solutions in many aspects of life. One of them is the new dimension of job search and online recruitment. While it can be easy for people who are used to working remotely, it is more difficult in the case of manual workers for whom a face-to-face job interview has until now been the only known form of employment process. For those we have prepared a short guide on recruitment in remote form. How to prepare well for it?

Remote work has become a new reality for many of us – we have moved our office responsibilities to our homes, where internet access and a business laptop are usually sufficient. In a different situation, however, there are manual workers who are not able to perform their duties in this way and even remote recruitment is often something new for them. To facilitate this, we have some tips for you that will allow you to go through this process without stress and fear of the unknown!

The beginning stays the same!

Remote recruitment in the first phase is no different from the traditional one. We start our journey by sending an application to the position we are interested in. On the portal, the application should be sent via the “Apply” button on the left side of the offer and directly below it. After sending the CV, we should be patient – recruitments usually take some time, and in the era of pandemic, this period may be extended. We always recommend our candidates to send more than one application – this increases the chances of success in job search.

What’s next? If the employer is interested in the received candidacy, he usually contacts the candidate by phone. Until now, after the initial telephone conversation, the potential employee was invited to an interview at the company’s office or employment agency. Today, facing these limitations, face-to-face meetings are often replaced by video conferences. What you should know about them?

Tools for online recruitment interviews

During the telephone conversation, make sure which tool the recruiter intends to use. The most popular of them include Zoom, Skype or Teams, but it also happens that such conversations are conducted on less official channels, such as Messenger or Whatsapp. If you have not used the chosen tool before, it is worth downloading it earlier and testing its functionality, e.g. calling a someone you know. Thanks to this, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises when the meeting deadline arrives.

What’s important – after creating an account or determining that the conversation will take place via the tool you already have, it is good to make sure that you present yourself there in a professional way. Make sure your username is appropriate (it’s best to always use your full name here) and whether your profile picture looks good (of course, it’s not about its attractiveness, but – once again – professionalism).

In case of connection problems, it is best to note down recruiter’s telephone number to inform him of any difficulties as soon as they occur.

Prepare yourself

Let’s remember that the online recruitment process at the level or your knowledge and experience is no different from the traditional one. You should therefore be well prepared for it. Check the website of the company to which you apply, find out as much as possible about the offered position and requirements – to answer the recruiter’s questions in the best way. You can additionally have a CV with you, or prepare notes that in the event of stress will allow you to gather our thoughts faster and answer the issues that bother the employer. The notes can also include questions that you would like to ask the person conducting the conversation. Remember – questions to the recruiter always show your commitment and that you are prepared well.

Outfit and video call place

Take care of the space around you. The place that you choose for a video call should be neat and not distracting the recruiter. If you have such an opportunity, it is best to choose a neutral background that will not negatively affect the assessment of you as an employee. The chosen place should also be as quiet as possible so that the voices coming from outside do not disturb the conversation. Many of us spend quarantine in the home environment with our family. It is important to prepare our household members for the moment and to ensure that the planned conversation is not interrupted. To plan this precisely, at the stage of setting the date of the meeting, it is worth asking the recruiter about the approximate duration of the conversation.

When everything is planned carefully, it is worth to think about the last, very important issue – appearance. Despite the fact that we have a video call in the home space, where most of us certainly focus on comfort on a daily basis, in this situation we need to ensure a professional look. Ultimately, the recruiter sees us, and the first impression can only be made once. In addition – the right outfit and professional look will give you confidence and let you fall out naturally and avoid stress.

Last arrangements

At the end of the conversation, you can ask the recruiter about how long the whole process can take and when you can expect an answer and whether you’ll receive it regardless of the result of the conversation. Find out also how a potential employer ensures security in terms of coronavirus, and in the case of foreign recruitment – how does the logistics of departure look, e.g. transport to the place of employment or accommodation (if offered).

Once you know what steps to take to be prepared for online recruitment, there is nothing else to do but start your search!