Despite the epidemiological situation in the world, increases in the minimum wage have been approved since the new year in more than 20 EU countries. The minimum wage in Europe – what rates are in force from 2022?

salariul minim 2022

The whole world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Quarantines, vaccinations, restrictions – all this is a new reality for most European countries. However, most countries have come to the conclusion that minimum wage increases are an integral part of socio-economic policies and that even in such a difficult period it should not be ignored. For the majority of society, this is an opportunity for better earnings in the new year.

The minimum wage in Europe – 2022

The latest Eurostat data divides European countries into 3 groups in terms of the level of minimum rates. The 1st group includes countries where the monthly salary ranges from EUR 330-750. Correspondingly, the 2nd group is earnings between EUR 790-1200 / month and the 3rd group – with a minimum wage of more than EUR 1500 EUR / month.

As can already be seen, the difference in the minimum rates is significant, sometimes exceeding EUR 1000. The highest minimum wage in Europe is almost 7 times higher than the lowest (Bulgaria – EUR 332, Luxembourg – EUR 2640).In the tables below, we will not find the minimum wages in, among others, Scandinavian countries. This is due to the fact that they do not have fixed rates. The level of remuneration depends both on the decisions of the trade unions and directly on the employer.

Below we present the minimum rates that apply in individual European countries from 2022:

1st groupMinimum wage
BulgariaEUR 332
Latvia EUR 500
CroatiaEUR 500 
RomaniaEUR 515
HungaryEUR 557
SlovakiaEUR 646
EstoniaEUR 654
Czech RepublicEUR 664
PolandEUR 664
PortugaliaEUR 705
LithuaniaEUR 730
2nd groupMinimum wage
MaltaEUR 791
SloveniaEUR 1074
SpainEUR 1126 
3rd groupMinimum wage
AustriaEUR 1500
GermanyEUR 1600
FranceEUR 1603
BelgiumEUR 1626
IrelandEUR 1724
NetherlandsEUR 1725
LuxembourgEUR 2640

Important! When comparing the above minimum rates, it should be remembered that the level of salary in the country consists of several important factors, including:

  •  unemployment level
  • GDP
  • standard of living
  • state of the national economy

It should also not be forgotten that high earnings are usually associated with paying higher taxes. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

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