High earnings, beautiful landscapes – these are some of the main reasons for working and living in Ireland. How high are earnings in Ireland in 2022? Is it worth emigrating to this country?

Zarobki w Irlandii 2021 - Ile średnio zarabia się w Irlandii?

Ireland has been attracting the attention of migrants for years. It is definitely not the most popular country, if you compare it to the migrant communites in Germany or the Netherlands. However, there is also a great demand for foreign workers in Ireland. What’s more, you can find employment there without knowing the language or having much experience.

Where to look for a job in Ireland?

There is no shortage of job offers in Ireland both in the seasonal and throughout the year. The greatest demand is for nurses and carers for the elderly people or children. You can also find employment at:

Important! If you are traveling to Ireland by car or working as a driver, remember that Ireland has left-hand traffic.

And as mentioned at the beginning, Ireland is open to foreign workers. That is why it is a bit easier to find a job in this country, even if you do not speak English at an advanced level.

We encourage you to check job offers from Ireland on europa.jobs, but also on local websites:

Wages in Ireland 2022

The minimum hourly rate in Ireland 2022 is – EUR 10,50 gross. It is worth emphasizing that here in Ireland, as in the Netherlands, there is the so-called age-old.

Minimum gross rate

20+ years
EUR 10,50

19 years
EUR 9,45 

18 years
EUR 8,40 

to 18 years
EUR 7,35 

Below we present examples of gross earnings in Ireland in the most popular industries. The data comes mainly from offers published on the europa.jobs portal.

Industry / position

Sample monthly gross salary

Gastronomy / Hotel industry
EUR 1800 – 2000

EUR 3500 – 3800

Horticulture / Harvesting
EUR 2000 – 2500 

Work in the warehouse
EUR 2600 – 3000

EUR 3000 – 3500

Carer of an elderly person
EUR 1900 – 2500

EUR 2900 – 3300

EUR 2500 – 3500

Below are examples of hourly gross rates in Ireland in selected industries.

Living costs in Ireland 2022

The cost of living in Ireland is in line with what you earn in this country. It is not the most expensive country in Europe, but compared to Poland, the prices are slightly higher, which is natural.

For renting a studio apartment, we will pay from EUR 1100-1300, plus utilities about EUR 130-150/every 2 months. You should also add the cost of the Internet – about EUR 40-45 per month.

Transport in Ireland

  • one-way ticket for a city commuter – EUR 2.70
  • monthly ticket – approx. EUR 110
  • Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) – EUR 4.00

Food costs

For a meal in an inexpensive restaurant, we will pay about EUR 15-20 per person. You can see some examples of the cost of food products below:


Sample price

Loaf of bread
EUR 1,48

Water 1,5 lit.
EUR 1,33

Eggs 12 pcs
EUR 2,86

Local cheese 1kg
EUR 7,54

Chicken Fillets 1kg
EUR 8,14

Potatoes 1kg
EUR 1,53

Apples 1kg
EUR 2,19

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