For a joint trip abroad to work, it is much easier to decide on – mainly due to the fears of travelling to a foreign country and the risk of meeting a dishonest employer. With a loved one at our side, we take more courage to face all possible adversities. What does work for couples abroad look like and what is worth paying attention to, when deciding on a joint trip?

locuri de muncă cuplu

Going abroad with a loved one at our side is not a new phenomenon. For years, employers and employment agencies have been offering the possibility of a joint trip. This is included in the so-called employee benefits. As mentioned at the beginning, it is a kind of psychological comfort for potential employees, if there is an opportunity to go to work with a loved one. There is also a noticeable trend towards group travelling abroad. 

With such a solution, the employer also benefits from filling several jobs at once.

Work for couples – essential information

First of all, we recommend applying for offers where there is either annotation work for couples, or the appropriate filter has been selected (as in the case of our portal). Moreover, it is worth sending a combined CV, i.e. one document with information about each of you. Quite often, employers / recruiters do not have time to thoroughly check the CV, and sending separate files can cause a lot of confusion. 

Apart from that, if the recruiter contacts only one person, you can confidently remind him that you applied as a couple. 

Before leaving, it is worth asking about the working conditions for couples, that is:  

  1. Does the job offer concerns to a common (joint) position for a couple? 
  2. Will the work schedule include common days off (eventually hours)? 
  3. What does the accommodation for couples look like?
  4. What if my partner is dismissed?

We, as an advertising portal, are not able to clearly answer the above mentioned questions. How work for couples in a given company will look like depends on the employer.

There are cases when the couple is entirely responsible for the mistake of one partner. As for accommodation, there is also full freedom here. There are both offers with a separate apartment / room for couples, but also shared staff rooms, regardless of relationships.

Work abroad with accommodation – is it worth it?

Work abroad for couples – a list of industries

Every year, more and more industries employ women in the so-called male professions, and vice versa. We are slowly moving away from the division of industries / positions in terms of gender. Most often, however, we are talking about seasonal / temporary work in positions related to: 

  • work in the warehouse 
  • packing / sorting 
  • gardening / harvesting 
  • gastronomy / hotel industry 
  • construction 
  • cleaning 
  • work in the greenhouse

Offers in these industries and more, you will certainly find in the

Advantages and disadvantages of a joint trip

Certainly, a joint trip to work is a great solution for people who want to go abroad for the first time. Moreover, for two as a couple, it is always easier to deal with the first formalities abroad, or the stress associated with staying in a foreign place.

What else are the work advantages for couples? 
  • shared experiences (joint stay abroad) 
  • support of another person 
  •  cheaper costs of living (especially in the case of self-rental of the apartment) 
  • making new, mutual acquaintances

Unfortunately, there will also be some disadvantages with such a solution, among others, it is necessary to mention:

  • possible conflicts that will have an impact on efficiency at work 
  • staying and working together is a real challenge for every couple (as well as working in various shifts) 
  • work rules may turn out to be harmful to the other loved one (the aforementioned penalties or dismissals, etc.)

To sum up, work for couples is both a challenge and an unforgettable experience for both of them. It all depends on the attitude, relationship in the couple and working conditions.

We encourage you to check the latest job offers for couples – Just select the appropriate filter.