Copywriter – what are his tasks?

A copywriter, as the definition implies, is the author of copywriting. Today the responsibility of the copywriter has expanded considerably. We describe the work in this profession and what income you can expect. This profession is relatively new. It has become better known in recent years. It should be noted that a copywriter and a […]

Consul and ambassador – basic differences

In almost every country you can find your national embassy or consulate. The key task of these two institutions is to protect and represent the interests of their citizens abroad. What is the difference between a consul and a country ambassador? At the very beginning it is worth emphasizing that the consulate and embassy are […]

How to calculate earnings?

Are you wondering how the burden of PIT and ZUS equivalents will affect your salary in another country? It’s good to know how to calculate earnings and know the net amount – the one that will finally be on your account. What is the difference between gross and net? From now on you will know […]

How do work agencies work?

An employment agency is not an obvious choice for everyone. Some people insist that every broker is a cheater, who wants to extort money from a jobseeker. We know that this is not true. However, often hearing such opinions, we decided to write an article on this topic. If you are ready to change your […]